Tangible Proof That Global Warming Exists

Reading more about the scientific studies and statistical data behind global warming and client change can provide you with a greater degree of insight into a very serious issue. The impact that industry and urban populations have had on the natural world has been considerable, and the changes we have made in terms of global climate and weather patterns threaten a range of far-reaching and serious consequences. Educating yourself regarding this issue will allow you to more effectively spread awareness about the Continue Reading »

  • Aug 11th, 2013
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The Top Five Books on Global Warming

Global Warming for Dummies by Elizabeth May and Zoe Caron
What is global warming? Why is global warming a problem? What can people do about it? Global Warming for Dummies covers these topics and more.

The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future by James Inhofe
United States Senator James Inhofe proposes that global warming is not a true phenomenon but a conspiracy to make Americans subject to more regulations and rules by the government. What will your opinion be after reading this book?

Girls Continue Reading »

  • Jun 13th, 2013
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Support Green Energy without Breaking the Bank

“Going green” is a term that you may hear often now-a-days. But what does it actually mean? Well, one way to go green is by switching from a dependence on power companies that use finite resources, such as coal or other nonrenewable sources, to power your home, to power sources that rely on renewable, or green, sources. Green energy is often considered clean, meaning that reduce the impact on the environment by having no hazardous byproducts or deplete any natural resources. There are a number of ways that you can help support green energy without breaking the bank.

Support Companies that Use Green Energy

Have you considered switching to solar or wind power but just find that the technology is too expensive for your budget? You can still support renewable energy by finding an energy provider with green energy plans, like Reliant Energy. There are many companies that give their customers a choice, so choosing to go green can be easy.

How is this possible? Many people who install their own solar panels or wind turbines often have generate excess energy, which they sell back to the power companies for credit. This way, they still have power when is just too overcast or the wind stops blowing. In the mean-time, you can still tap into the energy they produce to heat your home.

Reduce Your Energy Consumption

Regardless of whether you decide to tap into green energy, you can still save money by practicing a number of basic energy-saving tactics. For example, improving your home’s insulation and caulking or adding weather-stripping around your home’s windows will allow your heating and cooling units to work more efficiently. The easier it is for them to heat or cool your home to your desired temperature, the more money you save. You can also adjust your thermostat a few degrees up in the summer and down in the winter while you sleep to save even more.

One of the easiest things that you can do is to change out any traditional light bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs use up to 75 less energy, and give off the same amount of light. Even turning off and unplugging appliances when not using them can help save energy and make your budget go further.

Saving Money and Going Green can be Easy!

When it comes to reducing your impact on the environment and saving you money, going green has so many benefits. Together, we can make a difference and look forward to a brighter, greener tomorrow.

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A Clean Environment Is Safer for My Family

Addressing the growing environmental crisis is an important concern for anyone who wishes to ensure their children have a bright and secure future ahead of them. The challenges that must be faced in order to find sustainable long-term environmental solutions may be considerable, ensuring that you are doing all you can to contribute your own efforts towards more successful environmental efforts can make an important difference. Educating yourself about the impact that climate change and global warming may have on the lives of your children can provide you with the level of understanding you need to Continue Reading »

  • Mar 29th, 2013
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Why Should I Care About Global Warming?

You frequently hear about global warming on the news, but you tend to turn a blind eye to it. You’ve read statistics, but you just don’t care about this growing problem. Why should you start paying some attention to this major issue in the world today?

Well, first of all, you are going to live in the future. Do you want the future to be ruined? In order to prevent global warming from completely and Continue Reading »

  • Oct 16th, 2012
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Ten Ways to Get My Community Involved in Recycling

A clean and green environment that provides safe living is being advocated all over the world. Recycling is another program that keeps the earth intact by reducing harmful chemicals that comes from landfills while reducing the need for raw materials for new production. There are plenty more reasons why every community should get involved in recycling but unfortunately not everyone feels motivated. Here are ten viable ways to get everyone involved in saving the world.

1. Educating a Continue Reading »

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Ways My Family Can Reduce Their Carbon Footpring

A carbon footprint is defined as “The amount of carbon dioxide emitted due to the the consumption of fossil fuels by a particular person”. Because we as consumers are using so many of these fossil fuels, we are depleting the environment of its natural resources. Here are some great ways to reduce your family’s and your carbon footprint:

Instead of driving, walk or ride bikes
The emissions from vehicles are one of the largest portion of American carbon footprints. If Continue Reading »

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Why I Should Care About Recycling

Here is one reason why you should care about recycling: because recycling creates value. It is not only that, by recycling, you help to “save” the “Earth.” Real ecologists know that when we say we want to save the Earth, we mean that we want to save our personal human biosystem. We want to save ourselves, and the animals, and the plants, and the atmosphere, so that future generations can enjoy them. The Earth is a Continue Reading »

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Five Ways I Can Reduce Global Warming

We’ve all seen the images of global warming, large chunks of polar ice shelves collapsing into the sea, frantic polar bears struggling to reach solid ground. Closer to home, extreme weather events top the news every week ” droughts, wildfires, flooding, tornadoes. Slowing, or reversing, this warming trend will take a global effort, but individual choices have a cumulative effect. I am not a coal-burning power plant spewing carbon into the atmosphere, but in my way, I believe I can make a difference.

I limit my driving, combining chores for one trip Continue Reading »

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